Some really great pictures of Archie:

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Here are some recent favourites of Archie:

Have you ever seen anything like it?

Sleeeeeppppyyyyyy after attending a #PawPawty on Twitter (too much bacon beer!)

A close up of Archie's face!

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Talking dog – tasty meat tease!

OK, so this is not a Miniature Schnauzer post, nor is it anything to do with Schnauzers – SHOCK! But it’s OK, this video is SO funny and you have to need to watch it:

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Naughty Schnazuer: Archie chews my shoe…

Naughty Schnauzer!

Archie takes a minute away from his hectic schedule to chew up a shoe. *Sigh* being a Miniature Schnauzer is such hard work…. I love the way his little paws hold each edge of the shoe in place! So cute!

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Guest Schnauzer: Amos

Rescue Dog

Today’s guest Schnauzer is Amos, a Miniature Schnauzer that belongs to a little girl called Bennett.  Bennett’s mum Kelley has kindly agreed to share her with us today, which explains Amos’ arrival into the family. It’s a really lovely story, which I am not ashamed to admit, bought a tear to my eye (read it, [...]

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A walk in the park…

Archie the Miniature Schnauzer

Today the weather is so lovely and when it is sunny, I like to take Archie up to Bole Hill Park – this website is advertising the pavilion, it doesn’t do the park justice!  The views are spectacular as you can oversee the beginnings of the Peak District and all of Sheffield. I’ll keep this [...]

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