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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to review a Miniature Schnauzer grooming DVD by the successful dog trainer and breeder, Ewa Highland. The video teaches Miniature Schnauzer owners (and groomers) how to groom the dog to a professional standard.With Ewa Miniature Schnauzer Grooming Review

When Ewa introduced the DVD the first thing I noticed were her gorgeous Miniature Schnauzers. They looked very well maintained; it’s easy to see how she has won awards worldwide showing and grooming them. Her credentials are very impressive!

First up was Bill, a miniature schnauzer that I could happily steal and take home. His “finished state” was positively gorgeous, and I long for the day my Archie has as a good beard as Bill’s. I was  about how different Archie comes back from the groomers, but I wonder if this is because all of Archie’s hair is a lot shorter than Bill’s. Additionally, I couldn’t believe how good Bill was – he was just so happy to stand there, especially when Ewa lifted his tail.  Instantly, I dived across the room and grabbed Archie to do a test – and nope, he wouldn’t let me have his tail. Bill must be used to being handled now, this something I am trying to get Archie more used to as well.

Hand stripping:

I had no idea that hand stripping involves pulling out the ‘dead’ fur from under the coat. But, then Archie has only been handstripped once in his three-and-a-half year life and we never asked what it involved. I also didn’t realise that clipping the coat electrically can lead to a softer coat with faded colour, which can attract more dirt.

Tools:Miniature Schnauzer Grooming with Ewa

I was very happy to learn about the different tools I’d need, and will endeavour to invest in a good pair of clippers and blades. I also had no idea that you should brush your schnauzer regularly with a slicker brush.  I have come across slicker brushes before, so will invest in one for Archie. He’s prone to lots of knots and usually I tackle them AFTER they’ve formed, by chopping them out with a pair of kitchen scissors (I know, bad mummy!). I will invest in a slicker brush and start brushing him once a day to avoid the knots.


Finally, I really found the last section of the DVD helpful, regarding general maintenance. I am also going to invest in a toothbrush this weekend, as I didn’t realise that Miniature Schnauzers were prone to plaque.This actually reminded me that the vet recently told me Archie’s teeth had a bit of plaque on, so I will remedy that and start brushing his teeth more regularly.

Watch video previews:

The people behind ‘with Ewa’ have kindly uploaded videos to YouTube so I can share a couple of clips with you guys. These are great previews if you’re thinking about buying the DVD…

My verdict:

I found the ‘with Ewa’ Miniature Schnauzer grooming DVD very easy to watch, as I found that everything was explained and demonstrated very clearly.  It’s given me the ‘buzz’ to try the techniques myself, despite the fact that Archie is a problem dog – he won’t even let me brush him.

I will be listening to Ewa’s advice on maintenance, starting from THIS WEEK and I am off to the pet shop tomorrow to buy some doggy toothpaste and a slicker brush!  I will certainly be investing in a pair of good clippers in the future and I am definitely going to try out several techniques on Archie.  Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to fully groom him, rather then just ‘maintain him’…I better replay the DVD then ;-)

Find out more about ‘with Ewa’:


  1. I’ve never had a dog that would sit for a grooming for me. That’s a job for professionals. ;)

    Comment by heidenkind — 29/01/2011 @ 4:30 am

  2. My mothers a dog groomer , so I tend to have her do it. I will need to learn myself though, just scared I might cut em. :(

    Comment by Braylynn — 29/01/2011 @ 7:25 am

  3. The thing is, the video made it look super easy!

    Comment by Carly — 06/02/2011 @ 8:45 pm

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