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Schnauzers at Crufts 2011


I’ve never been to Crufts, but I’d really love to go! My idea of heaven is seeing all those well-groomed Schnauzers, partaking in a spot of doggy-centric shopping and watching the fun activities like flyball and heelwork to music. The BBC are no longer broadcasting Crufts, since a debate with the BBC over the welfare [...]

Guest Schnauzers: Kassidy, Dante, Illidan and Izabella


This particular guest schnauzer feature is dedicated to not one, not two, not three – BUT FOUR – lovely Schnauzers! (Tip: Click photos to make them bigger & see the cute Schnauzers in more detail.  Just hit ‘back’ when you’re done to return to this blog.) Meet Kassidy, Dante, Illidan and Izabella! Braylynn is mummy [...]

What is on Archie’s mind?

Archie biscuit

I was just looking through some pictures of Archie and this one stood out right away.  He gives me this look all the time.  It’s the ‘I’m sitting so nicely BUT now you’ve caught my eye, IF you move I’ll assume we’re getting up to get a biscuit‘ look.  Of course, with ‘the look’ you [...]